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Any Questions?

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Signing Up - How much does it cost?

Unlike other crowdfunding or fundraising websites, we at do not rely on percentages of your pool. We only ask for a basic set-up fee of $10 to cover basic admin expenses, and the rest is totally free! There are 3rd-party fees of PayPal , which are just 2.8% + $0.30, deducted from each transaction.

What countries does support? is an INTERNATIONAL fundraising website!  We work through PayPal, so anyone can open an account from anywhere in the world and transfer money into that specific account.

How can I close my account?

You can close your account from the SETTINGS tab when editing your GIFTPOOL

I've changed my mind. How do I cancel my contribution?

If you have NOT yet paid, please click the link in your Giftpoolit confirmation e-mail. There you can cancel the pledge. If you don’t have the e-mail, contact us and we can cancel the pledge for you. If you HAVE already paid online or given the organizer the funds, we cannot cancel the payment. You will need to make arrangements directly with the organizer to retrieve your funds.

How do I issue a credit card refund?

Since online payments are sent directly to a PayPal account, GIFTPOOLIT cannot issue refunds. However if a contributor requests a refund for their online payment, you can issue it following these instructions:
  1. Locate the payment in the PayPal account.
  2. Click the Details link.
  3. Follow the refund instructions there.

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