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Our Desert Wedding

Dreams do come true! From the moment we decided to get married it was obvious we didn’t want a normal style fancy hall event. We wanted a celebration that would reflect our life-style. And we didn’t want presents either. We wanted something natural, wild, simple, special and different. So it was obvious from the start that we would ask our friends and family to contribute a symbolic sum to “socially fund” our wedding, and so they can enjoy it as much as us!

Our event in nature perfect and there wasn’t a guest who wasn’t amazed by the high standard of our wedding. The cutlery, the tables, the incredible catering, the generator, the bathrooms – the whole catering team was amazing, the food was delicious, the location was perfect and our wedding ceremony was more than we could’ve asked for.
It was more than just getting presents or our guests paying for a wedding, we were given peace of mind and gave our loved ones an experience to remember.

For a bride and groom, that’s the best gift of all.
Thank you all. You made our dreams come true.